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Monday, 7 June 2010

Hinckley and thunder storms!!

What a lot happened this weekend!!
In a nutshell............

Olli developed an ear infection and so wasn't really focusing, so missed contacts and missed weave entries Saturday, but then 10 faults in Novice Qualifier, 1 pole down in G4 jumping, and 21st place in Agility!! 250 dogs in the class, so very pleased with Olli 1 ear!

Lily hates the heat, and it was very hot Saturday, so 2 scrappy runs, followed by a 12th in Agility! Sunday we had a cracking go at G5-6 jumping, set by my good friend and 1 of my idols Mark Laker (Idol as in he is great with his dogs, a good trainer along with Karen his better half, and I admire them both, not like Johnny Depp type idol...........(sorry Mark)) but I was so thrilled Lily had avoided all the traps I relaxed for a split second with 1 fence to go and she took the final trap!!! My fault entirely, but I was still thrilled with the run as there were not many clears. Then 9th in G5 Agility, and 12th in Novice Olympia Qualifier! She is so consistent!!! I love her to bits.

Saturday night there were about 4 storms going on around us, and we sat in the awning and watched for over an hour. Brilliant lightening in all directions, illuminating the skies.

Sunday and we met up with the Mitchells, who had fostered Twiggy and it was a lovely reunion. Although it took a second, Twiggy suddenly realised who they were and didn't know who to cuddle first!! Really good to see them, and also so lovely to hear them say how lovely, fit and happy Twiggy looked with me.
Sunday lunchtime and we took Cove to meet up with his brother Boss, Dave Munnings dog, and they loved each other! Had a good play around, and then posed for photos, and I must say they are 2 very handsome boys. (Cove and Boss, not Dave & Boss! lol) Dave was lovely as ever though, and it really made the weekend.

The 5 and half hour drive home didn't seem a chore after such a fun and eventful time.
Oh and just for laughs, Stanley managed to break out the caravan Saturday afternoon and go for a stroll. We were queuing for a class when we heard over the tannoy........."Has anyone lost a black & white terrier, full tail, looks like quite an elderly gentleman..." and before they got to "with pricked ears" Rog was running to the secretarys tent to collect him. We laughed a lot. Such wonderful times with great dogs and lovely people.


Mark Laker said...

what about Russell Crowe...

Dani said...

And Brad Pitt, ..... but cant see a resemblance Mark ;-)