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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Its been 8 weeks since my last confession............

If I were you I wouldnt bother following me... I am useless!!
Sooooo where do I begin to catch up on the last 8 weeks? My dogs are still brilliant, George & Twiggy have gone grade 5, Georgie already a win at Grade 5, and Cove went mad and had 3 wins in 2 weeks to go grade 7!!! Olli is now team coach, and just running in anysize jumping, Lily is still having fun and working well but mad as a hatter, and not very schooled, Stan is getting old and senile, Dave is still a little sh1t, and young William is huge, gorgeous and well into his training.
I have had shingles, a kidney stone, 3 trips to hospital, a cancer scare and am still awaiting more scans (but its not the big C) and I dont have time to be ill. Business is booming, the show season is well under way and life is pretty ok. Roxy the van is still not what I would call "right" but she has had windows fitted, my lovely dogs photos on the side panels, and is doing a pretty good job of getting us everywhere reliably, so we have a love/hate relationship for now. 
So Fern & Cove have now had 2 Champ classes since going to Grade 7, the first was at Hinckley. Ferns nerves were steady as a rock until she walked to the start line, and her legs went to lead, her voice disappeared and Cove knew it. There were some lovely bits to her runs, and only simple little things let them down, but the pressure is on now. Last weekend her second Champ was Thames, and although she didnt get through to the final, this time both her runs were great. Cove was so tight and fast and just 2 simple tiny things cost them a clear round, but its looking more do-able now. They then went on to come 9th in the Olympia qualifier with their first clear in G7 :-) 
Twiggy should have gone to the rescue league finals on Sunday, but when we realised how far it was from Thames, and the costs and logistics of it all we decided to give it a miss. I was close to tears on Saturday as I thought she deserved to go, but she doesnt know what she missed, and she went on to have some amazing runs at Thames, just missing out on qualifying for Olympia by less than a second, and just out of a finals place in Camdwr Cup, which incidentally Georgie was second in so has qualified!
George is becoming Mr consistent, with places in every class bar a couple over the last few weekends. 3 2nd places , 3rds, 4ths and when he matures maybe in a year or so, he is going to be one to beat. I am not in any rush for him to grow up or win up the grades too quick. 
Thats a quick catch up, and I will write again after our weekend away in Worcester this coming weekend. The first show for a few weeks, that doesnt have qualifiers or Champ classes, and one of my favourite friendly shows so hopefully a relaxing fun weekend with our gang.

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