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Thursday, 11 April 2013

George not so Looney!!

The season has started, yet somehow it doesnt feel right yet. Maybe its the cold weather that still insists on hanging around, or the fact that I am not happy with the new van, and also 2 of my best mates are not camping and competing as much this season due to personal reasons and changes in circumstances, but I still havent got into the real swing of things........However!,,,,George has taken the new season by the horns and won into Grade 5 at his second grade 4 show,.......and just to prove his worth, won again the following week!!! My baby is Grade 5 already!!! Twice! ha! 

The other lovely part to the new season, is that Lily has come back all guns blazing!! At 7 year old, she is no oldy but she is hard to keep fit, and had gone a bit stale at the end of last year, so after they all had their 6 week break over Christmas, I decided to not train Lily in agility, but to take her running with me, and do some one to one walks with her, chasing balls etc and keep her fit but fresh. She has started the new season with a 2nd at UKA champ, some stunning 5 fault runs (which were my faults not hers) and then 2nd in Grade 6 agility last weekend! She is puppy like, mental, bright eyed and wild and its thrilling :-)
Olli has started the season........like he finished the last! Gobby, mad as a hatter, and can not see the point in stopping on contacts when he can jump from the top and beat me to the next jump! So again, I have decided to not run him in agility classes anymore, just do Grade 6 jumping with him, so he can have fun, I can have a laugh running him and there is no pressure. He got me to Grade 6 and an Olympia ABC semi and thats pretty damn good for a large spanner who was trained as a gundog. :-) 
Twiggy is more cheeky, more wild and has had some great places to start the year but also some really silly runs because she is now so confident! I love the fact that she is so gobby and naughty now thats she makes mistakes. :-) Mind you, she still has the ocassional weird freak out at odd things, which remind her & me that she has a scary past :-( She will always be my spoilt rotten princess, whatever she does.

Cove has started the season with a lot of top 5 places, and as soon as Fern realises she has nothing to prove, nobody to impress and stops feeling pressured I am sure he will win into Grade 7 this year, but whatever happens he is a joy, and a talented boy who we all love to bits, even when he is freaking and spooking at ridiculous things! Thats Cove :-)

Young Will I Am :-) He is a muppet. He is funny, bright and sooooo loving! Probably the cuddliest puppy we have had, yet he has a very strong urge to work. He has a wise old head on young lanky shoulders, and Fern will have so much fun with him, but I also have a sneaky suspicion he will go to the top because he is so genuine. I just love watching them develop and they are all so different. 

So the season has started......and hopefully in the next few weeks I will get in the swing of things, and learn to love the van but one thing is for sure, my dogs are still the best in the world and always will be.

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killergaf said...

Lovely descriptive writing as always. What a lovely bunch of dogs and all such different characters. I am sure you are going to have a great season! Good luck! Xx