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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Twiggys day.

Today was a trip to Gwythian Towen in Cornwall to meet up with Sharon, Chris and Sam Mitchell and deliver a small present.
It was another chance for Twiggy to meet the family who gave her the first love she had ever known, and for us to catch up with very special friends. Not much else to say this week, but here is the poem that Twiggy wrote for Sharon accompanied by her first clear round rosette..............

To Sharon, my first real mum.

I had a scary trip across the sea
Not knowing where it would end
My brother & sister were with me
For ourselves we’d had to fend

My tail was down, I was dirty
Thin and not very strong
My life had no meaning at all
It seemed the end wouldn’t be long.

But you took me into your home and your hearts
And shadows started to lift
I started to see new beginnings
You had an amazing gift

You made me see life was worth living
And loved me with all of your heart
The strength you gave me was everything
The courage to try a new start

The van ride to Devon was scary
New people and dogs to fear
Another step in my journey
And I worried you all shed a tear?

But now I can see why you sent me
To live with these people down here
You knew I’d be safe and happy
No longer live life in fear.

I have fun playing games and running
For miles across fields so green
With so many dog friends around me
A world I had never seen

I love life and new things don’t deter me
I am no longer scared of the world
I try everything life throws at me
Because I know I’m a special girl.

I know I am safe now, no worries
Cared for and loved all the time
Mum puts up with my strange little ways
As she knows I will be just fine.

So I wanted to say a big thank you
And as hard as it was to part
You gave me love and affection,
And the strength to make a new start.

So this is my first ever rosette!
I’m going to get loads you will see
But all my life I will never forget you
As I know you will not forget me.

Twiggy xx


Helen said...

Aw that's lovely! Bet she was chuffed and just a bit tearful reading it....H

killergaf said...

Oh Wow, that is so beautiful and straight from the heart. All your dogs are so lucky to have you. I love you sweetheart. :-)) XX

Dani said...

:-) Yes she was chuffed Helen, and yes she cried a bit too! I know she will treasure that first rosette though, pride of place :-)
and Mum (Killergaf) I am lucky to have my dogs. They are all amazing and keep me sane!!! xx