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Monday, 14 February 2011

Olli time.

Nearly 3 weeks on and Lily shows no signs of being speyed. There is not even a scar visible, and she is full of beans, and happier than ever. I took her for her first time off lead a few days ago, just Lily & me so she could take things steady but enjoy a bit of freedom. Take things easy???? Ok she didn't run around at full speed like she would if the others were out, but she was pouncing on my feet, grabbing the tuggy, and generally acting like a puppy. It was lovely, although I was still paranoid that she would do something to damage her insides, which must still be healing. That's the mistake so many people make, thinking that once the outside is all healed they can go straight back to normal, but that's not very sensible or good for the dog. She will soon be back to her winning ways, there is plenty of time.
Twiggy and me are starting to build a good partnership. What I mean is a working partnership, as there is no doubt that Twiggy and I bonded a long time ago, but building the sort of understanding that Lily & Olli have with me, takes work, patience and lots of practice. She has started to look ahead more now whilst we are training, and picking up obstacles instead of running round them. She has also started to get the whole weave idea, altho this is obviously going to be my biggest challenge. She is going to be a completely different dog to run than either of my other two. More cheeky, still a little bit of uncertainty, and much quicker so my timing is going to be tested!
Olli is my main priority this year, so I took him to a workshop on "Striding and Turns" yesterday. It was great to see a lot of people I had missed recently, but mostly it was special to spend a few hours with my boy, training together, without Lily butting in. :-) He was a good lad, tackling every exercise with that unrivalled enthusiasm, and non stop waggy tail. He didn't fail at all, and was obviously very happy to be back at it again. We both ended up drowned rats, as the rain persisted all afternoon, but it was still good fun. Home and a hot bath and roast dinner later, I settled next to Rog on the sofa to watch TV and Olli climbed up next to me, put his head on my lap and slept like a log. A couple of times he woke up, looked up at me with those stunning dark brown eyes, wagged his tail as if to say "thanks for today mum, it was great" and I stroked his gorgeous head, smiled and felt extremely lucky.
Counting the days now. Lily is now doing circle work, and has now been out with the others for a gentle run, (which she loved) the 3 of them are now getting 2 road walks a day to build up fitness, and the Team Feroda flag is on order. :-) Hurry up show season!!!!!!

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