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Monday, 28 February 2011

I have forgotten how to run Lily!!

My last blog talked about how different dogs are and how they all have different buttons to push to get the best out of them. They are all so different to train and run and my god didn't that show this weekend!!
Lily has done nothing since Olympia in December apart from a small indoor show for fun in January. She then had her spey operation so I havent done any training with her until last week. A few short sessions in our field over medium jumps, and 5 mins with Fiona at her field on Friday, didn't prepare me for Mark Lakers training on Saturday. I was rubbish!! My timing was out, my body language was crap and I felt like a total idiot. I couldn't even complete a course to start with. Lily is extremely fit and well, and very hyper now she is back training, and having spent the last few months concentrating on training Twiggy I was totally thrown by her speed and enthusiasm. Poor Lily was flying round, growling with excitement and I just couldn't keep up so looked more like a grade 1 handler than a grade 6.
I can't blame Lily for being so keen and happy, and in fact that was the only positive thing I could take out of the lesson was how well she looked. I was deflated. I love training with Mark but he must have thought I was a right muppet. Sorry Lily, I must work harder and hopefully we will get back in tune over the next month.
Twiggy on the other hand was vastly different to the last time we tried a workshop. 2 hours of focus, not worried about the other dogs or being in that draughty barn even playing tuggy while the rain hammered down on the tin roof, without any worries at all. Off lead and happy, a completely different attitude, looking confident and even barking with excitement! Still a long way to go, but the progress is easy to see.
I only got to see the last 30 minutes of Fern & Coves group, but he looked really good in a grade 3/4 group and Fern was really happy with his work. A few stalky moments when the excitement almost got too much but nothing to write home about. Cant wait to see him at his first show in 4 weeks time. Fern also ran Olli in my group with Lily, and although he too was a bit over enthusiastic, he did some nice work and certainly has the potential to go far this season.
So I need to work harder on changing my hat depending on the dog by my side. They are all very different, and as they all give 100% for me its only fair I give the same back.
Today I tried again with Twiggys 2 x 2 weaving and miracles do happen. She got it!! 4 poles and almost a wiggle from Twiggy. Eureka!!!!! Finally it looks like she may be able to weave after all. 
I do love how my dogs keep me on my toes!! Never a dull moment. :-)

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