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Thursday, 23 August 2012

12 days and 718 miles.

Excitement brewing, the day had arrived
the dogs all waited on the lawn
Even old Stan was wagging his tail
We shut the back door, key in the Yale
and drove out just after dawn.

Motorways quiet, we made good time
and arrived at Rockingham Park
The sun was shining, a gentle breeze blew
The caravans glistened with mid morning dew
and Olli started to bark!

Soon sat in our garden with flag flying high
The cider flowed from the can
We chatted and laughed with Lolly & Claire
Rog chilled in the sun while I dyed Ferns hair
and Karen slept in her van.

Courses walked all very early runs
The sun shone and the temperature rose
Back to old fashioned contacts, painted wood
No rubber or plastic was surely not good
Will it ever be sorted? who knows!

Bright colours and all different languages heard
The international crew were so cool!
Dogs of all shapes and sizes around
enthusiastic cheers, a team spirit sound
And the "Ketchup" turns seemed to rule!

All of our dogs they worked really well
Cove and Twiggy were probably best
but Olli went clear where all others failed
and surprised me when into the places he sailed
so thrilled at KC Fest!

Monday we left and travelled the route
to Trinity Park in the sun.
Camping in Orange right next to the showers
set up and settled in just a few hours
We just knew we were going to have fun!

Points were gathered all through the week
for ABC, senior & Novice
Twiggy missed her "final" chance but did have a win
Olli surprised me with his runs, and he got in!
Cove too, well he wont miss!

We played Bingo, and went to the Caberet night
But none of us won any money
The Olympics the theme
Formation swimmers a scream!
And the whole time it stayed hot and sunny.

Lots of wins in our camp while we were away
Up a grade went FlynnFlam and Wren
Twiggy shed all her hang ups and fears
Won her jumping then with Cove the Godly pairs
and I just want to do it all again.

Sunday we left for the long journey home
A bit subdued in the van.
We had shared our hols with amazing friends
and none of us wanted it all to end
Not even dear old man Stan.

So the season is drawing too quickly to a close
nights are drawing in all too fast
But a new dawn approaches with young Georgie Pants
Its scary not knowing how he will advance
but I know we will have such a blast!

Next weekend is his debut and also Coves semis
The boys will have to go some!
Fern & Cove will do the very best they can
and I am sure they will do it, if all goes to plan
then Olympia look out, here they come!

So thats it, we have 6 more shows til we finish
and Christmas will quickly be here
But the new ISS diary will come through so soon
and this time the entries include George the Loon
And so we will start next year.

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