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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A day in the life of........

A day in the life of….

Morning Lil and Oliver
Lil you gave me a fright!
Olli that’s MY croc!
Lily that’s MY tea!
Bye Rog see you tonight. X

Olli give me my croc!
Lily get back from the door
Cant find my pants
Cant find my bra!
They’re somewhere here on the floor.

“Hi Becki, Stan” on the landing
“HI GEORGE & TWIGS” downstairs
Got my phone
Found the undies
Damn they are covered in hairs

Come on guys, out in the garden
Don’t chase the cats! DAVE stop grumbling!
Cove, Nannies boy J
That’s not a toy!
Stan, can hear your tummy rumbling!

Georgie get down! Twiggy you’re mad
Lily leave Becki alone!
Olli stop barking!
Cove wait a minute!
Oh for goodness sake where is my phone?

Yes Georgie I am getting my coat on
Twiggy sit still while I attach you!
DAVE stop squeaking!
Lily stop that!
Oliver where is my shoe?!!

Right everyone stop blooming pulling!
Stop yipping you’ll wake the whole farm!
I know you’re keen
COVE my ears!!!!
Its just a walk guys, try and stay calm!!

It’s a horse, yes they’re cows and sheep Twiggy
Lily they don’t need no herding!
DAVE! Get a grip!
COVE!! Shut your yip!!
Blimey George, I cant get a word in!!

Right, we’re back now wait for your breakfast
I am doing it as fast as I can.
Pilchards and rice
Which bowl is whos?
Stop trembling, I am getting there Stan!

Becki you are always in my way!
Cove you really are a berk!
George its coming
Olli stop barking!!
Right all happy now? I’m off to work!

Number crunching and phone won’t stop ringing
Emails to send and reply
“I can hear you Dave!”
And Lily be quiet
Its just a tractor driving by!

Lunchtime so you can all go out now
GEORGIE! Stop eating cats poo!
Stan you’re snoring
Becki get out the way!
DAVE! Stop grumbling! That’s all you ever do!

Just 2 hours more and I’ll be finished
Then we can all play or train.
Tea to be cooked
Twiggy you are so funny
Olli stop picking on Lily! You’re such a pain!

“Hi hun, Hi Fern yep we’re going to the field
We need to practice for the show
Grub in the oven
“GEORGIE! Hang on!
Just get in the van quietly! Its not far to go.

Contacts, contacts, weaves & grids
Now you will all sleep for a while
Chilled indoors
On sofa and floor
I look at all 8 of you and smile J

Snoring & twitching, having happy dreams
Tomorrow we’ll do it all again
8 dogs young & old
My life, my inspiration
Thank you all, for keeping me sane. J


lookylooky said...

Oh Bought tears to my eyes. Big hugs Jillxx

Anonymous said...

Sooo fab Dani! How do you find time to be a poet on top of all that lot??? :)