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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Diamond Dogs & More trophies :-)

This weekend I was hoping to try and get it back together with Lily, and handle her as well as she deserves. It was a horrible journey up on Friday, taking us 4 hours instead of 2 due to an accident on the M5. Thankfully it wasn't too hot in the van but the dogs were still relieved to get to the site at 4.30 and have wees!! We set up camp, and JoJo arrived about 8pm and the fun began.
We were lucky to have our chief video cameraman Luke back with us this weekend. (Think Fern & him are back together but its a taboo subject!!)

The weekend was blooming hot, and its such a nice show with a lovely friendly atmosphere, so we all had fun and lots of giggles, especially Saturday evening when we all had the rather tricky Grade 6/7 agility, and unfortunately had all had a few ciders during the afternoon!!  Some interesting handling and a lot of heckling from the sidelines and not a clear round between us! Great laugh though. Before the drinking, Lily and I were back on track and had a clear in jumping, albeit a messy one, and then a great run on Neil Ellis agility to finish 2nd!! I felt a lot happier. Sunday we also had a place in Barrie James jumping, and although my timing was iffy again and nearly pulled Lily off a jump, at least we were working together as a team again.

 Olli managed 3 clears, including 19th in the Novice Qualifier out of 320 dogs and only 30 clears I was thrilled with him again. Clear in jumping and clear but just out of the placings in agility, he is a lovely boy.

 Cove was faster and more confident than ever and after a few near misses had a stonking run in the jumping and another 2nd place trophy. I have a feeling he wont be in grade 3 for very long. His first official Grade 3 show is Agility club in 2 weeks. Looking forward to that one! 
Twiggy was a star, getting some amazing weaves in the ring and had 2 almost clears, just her confidence combined with my slightly bad handling costing her, but every time we run she improves and I know she has a bright future. She doesnt run out of the rings anymore and is happy to play before and after her runs too. 

Georgie was lovely, and met up with his brother for the first time in over a month. They are so different! Ollie is bigger, and squarer than George, but a beautiful boy none the less. George is still very hyper around the rings but focuses well on his tuggy now, taking out his frustration on that! Still a work in progress but adorable and exciting to work with. 178 miles added.
Friday this week is my Birthday and we are having a few friends round for supper and probably a few beers, so I have started tidying up the slightly neglected garden, with a little help from my Merlie boy! I have no tubs of flowers this year, thanks to George & Twiggy, who seem to think that they are play things full of lovely black soil that just needs digging, so its a bit bare. Hanging baskets are the theme this summer, and some very hardy shrubs!! Still I wouldnt swap my dogs for all the flowers in Chelsea.

Today I have uploaded videos from everyone for a change, and because Rog had to work I have no smart new photos to add. 
Feeling confident of some special runs this weekend, and especially hopeful with Twiggy, my little Irish princess.

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