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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Becoming a bit of a habit!!!!

Well this is becoming a bit of a habit, and Fern seems to be taking my limelight but I guess I can cope with that........................COPE I AM VERY VERY PROUD!!!!!!!!!
This weekend was SWAT show, pretty local to us being just an hour away, so Fern & I got there Friday morning and had a bit of a challenge setting up in a force 8 gale, but eventually we were pegged down and sorted. JoJo my great friend, and ex agility compadre, arrived in the afternoon, loaded with crisps, and cider and we looked forward to a good giggly girly weekend. Jasper whippet and Cove became great mates, sharing a crate/bed most of the weekend, and then Jasper shared his bed with JoJo and Stan at night. Not much room for JoJo!!!! We also saved a camping space for Jill, who is becoming a great friend, and as she was on her own we thought we would gather her into the Feroda camp too. Big curry, a few beers and a lot of giggles Friday evening started the weekend on a good vibe.
Saturday morning, with slightly thick heads, Fern and I walked courses, some really interesting Grade 6 courses for me & Lily, and some nice courses for Olli too. Fern and Cove are still "officially" in Grade 1 until Thames show, so nice flowing simple courses for them. Lily had a stonking round in the jumping, and had a very unlucky pole halfway round. She was flawless otherwise, and I came out of the ring feeling a great sense of achievement. Pole or no pole, she listened, she was tight on her turns and I handled it right. So thrilled, and even when I found out her time was 2 secs faster than the winning Grade 6 dog I was not disappointed. Its not always the winning, and although it would've been nice I am just thrilled to know that when we get it right, which we seem to be doing a lot more often these days, she is capable of Grade 7 1 day. She did do another fab round in Grade 1-7 jumping and we were 10th out of about 200 dogs.

Olli had a lovely clear in his jumping but is never going to beat fast collies on a blast of a course like that was. Still he was great fun and very gorgeously handsome as he ran :-)

So to Cove. Two 5 fault rounds then a lovely clear in the jumping and he was 3rd. ANOTHER trophy!!! 
Saturday we had dinner with Jill in her caravan, which was lovely. Not just the meal but the caravan! Must try and save up so we can get a newer one next year. I was worn out Saturday, have no idea why really, but that and the fact I took a Piriton tablet to ease my hayfever, meant that by 9pm my eyes were closing, so I had an early night.
Sunday and some more lovely testing courses for Lily and unfortunately I was out with my timing in her agility, so turned back to quick and she took wrong end of tunnel. She then went all silly on me so I just burst out laughing and left the ring, leaving Lily held on her seesaw contact, much to the judges amusement! We had a lovely round in the jumping, almost clear til a trap at the end, but still Lily was on great form.
Olli had another lovely clear round, but again unplaced.
Cove then had a very good jumping round, and a debatable decision by the judge who gave him a 5 refusal on the last jump. He span round in front of the jump as Fern was a way behind, but he didn't refuse, nor did he go past the wing so for a Grade 1 it was a bit harsh. Never mind, he was going beautifully and we knew he was "clear" so Fern went into the agility with the bit between her teeth, and sure enough they won it!!! Another bloody trophy!! I wouldn't mind but does Fern ever do any dusting???????

Now to Twiggy & George, my 2 "works in progress"
Twiggy was a different dog. She suddenly stopped worrying about where Fern was, or who was outside the ring, and even started to do a wait at the start of each course! Confident & happy, she completed every one of her 5 runs with a smile and with style. If we didn't have those silly poles to worry about she would've had 5 clears!!! She makes me giggle, and a lot of other people come to that, as she gets a lovely weave entry, then does 4 or 6 or even 8 weaves before coming out with a flamboyant and happy leap as if to say "yay I did some of them whats next?!!" I am not worried at all. My main priority with Twiggy is for her to enjoy her experience in the ring, however she chooses to do it, and its working. She was so happy, no scary moments, no panicky looks and one day she will finish all those pesky poles and get her first KC clear, of that I have no doubt.

Georgie was a star. He settles without a worry in his crate, comes out and plays and learns new things whenever he is out. He is such a cheeky but loving puppy, who at the moment likes nothing better than being with me and focusing on learning new things. He met lots of new people and dogs and took it all in his stride. He even started watching a bit of the agility with great interest, but turned straight back to me to play as soon as I asked. Interesting prospect, but already without doubt a permanent member of our family, who makes me giggle many times a day. :-) He is starting to accumulate fans along the way too! Such a sweet boy. 96 miles added.
This Friday we are off to Hinckley for 1 of the scariest shows of the year for me. Lots of qualifiers, and tough opposition for Lily & me, but I am quietly confident that we wont look out of our depth now. Big show for Twiggy but I am sure she will have fun, especially as she will be meeting up with her original foster parents again, which I know will send her silly :-) One thing I do know for sure, I will not be upstaged by my wonderful daughter and her superstar dog..................there are no Grade 1 or 2 classes!!!! Ha!!!

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