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Monday, 18 April 2011

Where does the time go?

Sorry, I have been so busy I have slacked off the blog. Not intentional, but Feroda Agility is busy so I am painting weaves, styling walls, painting dog walks and answering lots of enquiries. Its also been year end time for the business, and the business I work for so accounts, tax and VAT have taken over. Also the agility season is in full swing at last, and with the lighter evenings I have been training the gang, and sorting caravan etc so lots of excuses! :-)
On 3rd April we went to Carn Brea for our 1st KC show of the year. All the dogs did well, Cove had his 1st clear in agility, Twiggy weaved 6 weaves in the ring for the first time, after 1 missed entry so had 5 faults in her first G3 jumping, Olli was clear in steeplechase and Lily was 6th in jumping so all in all a good start. For once it stayed fine down there apart from a brief hail storm, and as usual it was a lovely friendly show, and the first time we caught up with a lot of our agility mates. Looking forward to the next Carn Brea in May. 232 miles added.
We had a weekend off then and it was gorgeous almost summer weather so apart from working on equipment we chilled out, had fun with the dogs, Lolly came up on the Sunday and trained Flynn with us before we all stuffed our faces with a roast dinner, and we visited a gorgeous litter of puppies that I have been helping with.
This weekend we were away to Newbury again for Wallingford show, which is probably the first "big" show for us. The weather was amazing! Sun cream was needed, and even had to pour water on the dogs backs and use the cooler coat!
Twiggy was great fun. She has this lovely little trait of worrying and wanting to know where Fern is when she is halfway round a course. It makes me giggle as I know its something she will grow out of and nothing to worry about, although she would have a few clear rounds under her belt if she didnt get sidetracked! I am thrilled though, that at a show that size, with all those rings and people everywhere, she is bouncy happy and such a different girl now. A few 5 fault rounds and a few eliminations but fantastic enthusiasm and my best little girl.

Olli was his usual hyper self, and a bit over zealous in his agility, missing a contact and barking his head off with excitement, but then 2 brilliant jumping rounds, 1 5 faulter because he struggles with spread jumps, but a great clear round to finish the weekend. Love that boy to bits.
His character is so special. At one point on Saturday, he was in the camp garden and Fern and I went along to chat to neighbours so Olli stood up at the fence. I turned and told him to wait and get off the fence so he didnt demolish it, and so he disappeared back behind the fence. 5 minutes later Fern and I went back, and as we walked through the gate, this embarrassed face looked up from the window of the caravan. We had left the door open, so Olli had gone in and chilled out on the sofa! He looked so funny as he realised he had been caught and had nowhere to hide!!
Lily was just incredible this weekend. She put 100% into every run, and we had a couple of potential winning rounds, had I not miss timed commands or directionals. She is so tuned into me she did as I asked, and I got us faults. So frustrated with myself!! However I had started the season with a goal to not go for clears but pick bits of courses that were tricky and see if I could handle them well, with confidence and feel proud of those bits. I did that in the Grade 6 agility on Saturday and we had a lovely clear! Not just clear but 5th place out of 138 dogs! I was over the moon. Sunday, again a tricky jumping course, so I picked obstacles 12 to 18 (the finish) to try and handle well. I did it, Lily was as genuine and trusting as ever and we had another clear. Can not describe my feelings and total admiration for this dog.
Cove is showing that he is not really as confident or mature as we thought he was. He struggles to focus in the ring, much to Ferns frustration, and although he managed some good moments, good contacts and some flowing sequences he also got distracted easily, missed obstacles and even forgot how to weave!! He is still an amazingly talented young dog, with the most loving temperament, stunning personality and a huge part of our family and I know he will start to shine soon, and hopefully put a huge smile on Ferns face, but its going to take patience. A great show, some amazing results in our group too, including Flynn winning Grade 3 jumping!!! Totally made my weekend. Stunning dog, and well deserved win which I know is going to be the first of many. 252 miles to add. So thats the last 2 weeks done. 3 more days and we are off to Kernow for 1 of my favourite 3 day shows of the year. All us mad girls together, lots of qualifiers to try, and looking like a warm dry weekend again!!

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