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Monday, 21 March 2011

Countdown to a season of hopes :-)

Spring seems to have sprung, Nellie the caravan is outside in the sun, shiny and sweet smelling ready to go, new dog leads ready to be packed, clothes packed, and dogs all working really well. Our first competition of the season looms, with Lily in the Masters class first run of the day, Olli raring to go, and Cove & Twiggy looking like they are ready for their start in the agility world.
I am counting the hours. So many new beginnings upon us, so many challenges and all to be shared with the best family in the world, and the best friends too. Who knows, even Dave may finally be fully released on the agility world too :-)
My catchphrase has always been "Never say Never" Last year I got Lily to grade 6 and Olympia. What will this year bring???
I know one thing for sure, my dogs will be the best they can be, and have more fun than you could imagine, and I will love every single second of being with them.
Team Ferodas Fantastic Five :-)
Cove looking good 

Happy boy

My Irish girl looking great and happy.

My superstar Lily, fit & ready for the Grade 6  challenge.

Olli as enthusiastic as ever.

Dave flying and more than able.

Great action Dave.


Helen said...

Have told my Nellie she has a namesake caravan!! Not sure she was impressed... ;)

Dani said...

I shouldn't think she was Helen!! Apologies Nellie Bean :-) xx