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Monday, 10 January 2011

WAO try outs, and a weekend away.

This weekend Fern & I along with Twiggy & Cove, decided to go and support a few friends at the WAO try outs in Bristol. We booked a Travelodge for Saturday night and I was looking forward to it. One of the main reasons for going was to meet up with the Mitchell gang and have a few laughs and hugs to cheer us all up, and I knew they would be pleased to see Twiggy too :-)
It was a lovely venue, and so many top handlers and all round nice people there competing. Sarah had some great runs with Cruze, and some near misses with Thai. Natalie had some near misses with Kai but a fab round on Sunday to finish the weekend. Dave had a tunnel issue with Dobbie, which was really odd, but otherwise some good stuff, and Lauren had some good runs too with Reef, and its quite interesting to realise how much Cove is starting to jump and act like his dad :-) 
We like the bed mum, where are you sleeping?
Saturday night we met up with Sharon, Nat, Sam, Sam, Paul & Kate and had a meal .............  eventually, (it was packed) at the Harvester pub next to the Travelodge. The food was rubbish, service pretty crap, but the company was great. Nat throwing ice cream over her shoulder really made the night!! We all went back and took Twiggy & Cove to the Mitchells room for a chat before settling and they were so sweet. Twiggy will never forget them, her reaction is always the same. Cove was just Cove. Loving everyone, flirting with Kai and it was a lovely end to the day.
Apart from seeing Sharon and family, and spending time with Fern, the thing I loved most was how easy the 2 young collies were. They settled fine in the room, slept well, were sociable and easy going with Nats dog Kai, and just slotted in to whatever we were doing. Not all of our dogs are that easy!
Rog was a star and looked after the other 5 at home, and I was surprised when talking to him Saturday afternoon when he said Dave, Olli & Lily had been out in the garden for half an hour, just chilling and mooching about! Made us realise how well Dave has come on, thanks to hard work and patience on Ferns part. He hardly ever shows aggression of any sort these days, just happy in his pack, knowing his place and having his agility to focus on.

Wonder where our mums are? ...... if we wait here they should be back soon......?
Its going to be a good year :-)

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